1.1. Product identifier

REACH registered number(s): 01-2119457273-39

CAS number: 64742-48-9

EINECS number: 265-150-3


Product Description

State: Liquid

Colour: Colourless

Odour: Pungent

Evaporation rate: Moderate

Oxidising: Non-oxidising (by EC criteria)

Solubility in water: Highly soluble

Also soluble in: Most organic solvents.

Viscosity: Non-viscous

Boiling point/range°C: 56-58

Melting point/range°C: -95

Flammability limits: lower: 2.60 upper: 13.0

Flash point°C: -18 Part.coeff. n-octanol/water: 0.24@20°C

Autoflammability°C: 465

Vapour pressure: 24.70kPa@20C

Relative density: 0.793 pH: 5-6

Product Usage

  • Manufacture of substance.
  • Distribution of substance.
  • Formulation & (re)packing of substances and mixtures
  • Uses in coatings
  • Use in metal working fluids / Rolling oils.
  • Use in cleaning agents
  • Lubricant / Lubricating oil. Use as a fuel.. see pdf for more.

This product is not recommended for any industrial, professional or consumer use other than the identified Uses above.

Technical Information

If you require more information about this product please download our detailed product guide or contact us on 01423 358058. Alternatively email us at enquires@leading-solvents.co.uk